As a full-service janitorial company, Semper Sanitize, LLC offers:

Cleaning for facilities from less than 1000 to over 50,000 square feet

  • Customized specifications and schedule, from 1 to 7 nights per week
  • Health care facilities, office space, industrial, schools, retail – and a whole lot more.
  • Night time hands-on inspections
  • Daytime facility inspections on a monthly basis, and at your request.
  • Available 24/7

Others charge extra – we include:

Periodic services (carpet cleaning, tile burnishing, scrubbing and refinishing, window washing, ceramic and stone floor scrubbing).

All periodic services are pre-scheduled and pro-rated as part of your monthly invoice to help maintain the appearance and safety of your facility – and save you money.

Carpet cleaning and protection methods

Cleaning long-neglected carpeting becomes a big job, requiring extra time and chemical (and expense). Additionally, neglected carpeting requires more frequent replacement. Following a regular, frequent schedule of carpet maintenance pays dividends in the long run. We use hot-water extraction or low moisture soil encapsulation, as appropriate.

Resilient tile, including vinyl tile flooring (VCT), and other types

Vinyl tile also requires regular maintenance – to retain appearance, for safety’s sake, and to help protect the flooring.

Burnishing of vinyl tile floor finish is needed to harden the finish, protecting the floor, maintaining appearance, and giving a non-skid surface to help prevent slip-and-fall incidents.

Regular burnishing (ultra high-speed buffing) hardens the floor finish (in addition to removing scuffs and enhancing the shine). A harder finish lasts longer, reducing the frequency of refinishing and of stripping, saving us time and you money.

Our program includes burnishing on a regular schedule, plus refinishing as-needed – at no additional cost.

Ceramic, stone and concrete

Ceramic and stone flooring have special cleaning and finishing requirements. We use appropriate green cleaning solutions from and a scrub brush on the floor scrubber to thoroughly clean textured tiles and to clean grout lines.


We wash windows on a schedule of your choosing, from weekly through annually; interior on a schedule of your choice and exterior if needed

Our History

  • 2018 - Semper Sanitize, LLC is accepted into the Project 500 2018 cohort
  • 2018 - Launched new website and social media pages
  • 2017 - Awarded Sub-Contract for Commercial Janitorial Services 
  • 2017 - Verified SDVOSB through Department of Veterans Affairs
  • 2017 - Established