About Semper Sanitize

Semper Sanitize, LLC is founded upon the same principles that make great servicemen and women. Semper Sanitize, LLC brings to the service industry a great deal of attention to detail along with pride, honor, and commitment.

Semper Sanitize, LLC has a mission, to provide you with a neat and healthy living space. We customize every one of our cleanings for your home, apartment, or business to meet your specific needs.

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Our Services

Carpet Care

Our teams will service the areas, and apply our steam powered machine to life any leftover dirt or debris. Rates begin at $100 Please contact us for an accurate estimate.


Our team will clean downstairs with the same care provided on your main floor

Window Cleaning

Goodbye fingerprints and dust! Our streak free shine will make it seem a bit brighter around the house! Inside windows only

Construction Clean-up

Look at all the dust! Our teams are professionally trained to handle all types of cleanings! This service is perfect for homes or buildings that have recent construction or renovations completed.

Deep Cleaning

our teams will do a thorough cleaning to make your home feel sanitized and fresh! Designed to get your home cleaned top to bottom, anytime of the year!


We will clean the inside of your oven and oven door!


Leftover dishes from a great gourmet dinner? No worries, we can help with that! Rate varies by volume of dishes.


We can do a load of linens and/or towels to help fresh up your bed and bath

Move Out/In Cleaning

Moving in and want the place fresh and new? Moving out and want your deposit back? Choose a move-in or movie-out cleaning with us

Landscaping Services

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the exterior appearance your home or office, no job is too large or small for our team to handle!

Green Cleaning

By selecting our Green Cleaning service, you’ll ensure your home is being cleaned with the best products for your family, friends and environment!


At Semper Sanitize, LLC we use safer products with better processes to create healthier indoor environments and reducing the burdens on our natural systems. Our customers choose Semper Sanitize LLC because we deliver a superior green cleaning service at a competitive price meanwhile striving to make every effort to conserve natural resources. Semper SanitizeLLC will provide a healthier and safer workplace for your employees, customers and visitors. Choose Semper Sanitize LLC today to start a great commercial cleaning program within your company!

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